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Description: A FREE jQuery/jQuery Mobile Audio Effects Plugin. Add Audio effects to your pages. This plugin allows you to easily assign and trigger(play) audio files in your browser using jQuery events such as 'click', 'mouseover', 'dblclick', keydown', 'keyup', 'load', 'scroll' and jQuery-Mobile events such as 'swipe' and 'tap' Features: Touch Enabled Handles jQuery Events. Key Events Add Callback functions Use unlimited events and sounds per page. Includes 50 Sound Effects Compatible in all major browsers Lightweight at less than 1Kb! HTML 5 Audio Volume Control tags: audio, html5, events, trigger, effects, callback, music

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jQuery Audio Effects


HTML5/Canvas Browser Painting App "The most feature packed and easy to use HTML5/Canvas Browser painting app on the web" - Free to use or download for your own website. Color Value Sliders - Adjust Red, Green, Blue values to get the perfect color level. Square Brush Tool - Create Perfect Squares Gradient Roll Brush - Create Cloud like effects with a slight gradient. Colorpicker Push Brush - Push the colors on the chalkboard. Invert Effect - Invert the colors of the chalkboard image. Greyscale Effect - Covert the chalkboard image to black and white. Line Tool Brush - Create straight lines. Fill Canvas Tool - Quickly fill the chalkboard with one color. Brush and Opacity sliders + quick brush select options Color Spectral Colorpicker - Click the colorpicker to choose a color. Background tray with image upload - fill canvas with pre-set image or upload your own. Undo Brush Stroke - undo up to 20 previous brush strokes App resize with dynamic canvas resizing(optional) Brush/Color info - Get current color,opacity and brush size info. Brush Tools Dialog/Modal tooltips - On the fly info as tooltips. Lightbox render image with image save to png file. - Render in style, preview and save. Mobile Browser Support - Safari(apple ipad - minus line tool brush) Cross Browser support - Safari,Firefox, IE9, Opera, Chrome(image upload bug).

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jQuery Chalkboard Painting App


Flying Objects jQuery Plugin Flying Objects jQuery Plugin Description: have your images fly around the page or inside a container flying from random point to point. Flying Objects Features:Use unlimited images from local or web addresses.Set speed of flying objects.Use different image arrays in the same container.Animate images on page load or mouseover.Add classes to images for css styling.Compatible with all major browsers including IE7+. Options: images: ["images/image1.png", "images/image2.png", ""], // the image array totalobjects: 30, //total number of images from array to display easing: "swing", //easing of animation speed: 1100, //speed of the animating images zindex: 2, // the z-index of the images addclass: "class1",// add classes for styling initialize: "mouseover" // trigger for animation either "load" or "mouseover"

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JQuery Flying Objects

$12.00$15.00 A jQuery/HTML5 QuickSign plugin. Canvas/HTML5 Signing Plugin. You no longer have to pay for third party services to create signable documents or pages. Now saves to your server Unlimited Signing Elements. Customize background image, pentype and pen color. Small footprint at 3KB minified. Simple - just add the script and 2 divs. Compatible with most non mobile browsers.(firefox, IE9, Crome, Opera, Safari) -No Mobile browser support at this time due to IOS security issue and android canvas bugs Saves the form as a png screenshot to your server. Pro version emails form to the signer. View Demo

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jQuery QuickSignPro