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Woocommerce Pay Per View Content

This plugin will show content if the user has purchased it.

A Woocommerce Tab(next to description tab) will display with the viewable content upon purchase completion.

Great for showing videos/streams/images info after payment. Start a pay tutorial streaming site.

Option to replace all product page content with the pay per view content set after purchase. The user no longer sees the product page info they now see the purchased content in its place.

You can also show any content on the page after purchase by simply wrapping it in a div.



Product Description

This plugin will show content if the user has purchased it.

Good for showing videos after payment.


BackEnd View – Product Page Tab Setting



Disclaimers: By purchasing you agree that is not responsible for any lost or stolen content due to hackers. This plugin uses front end techniques to keep content hidden from users who have not purchased it and under certain circumstances hackers with the right tools could work around the script to reveal content. This product does not have product variant options and is meant for simple product templates. If the plugin does not work with your theme for any reason and a workaround cannot be resolved a full refund will be issued within 5 days of purchase.

Note: conflicts with the tab editor of the PPV Plugin. If you are using the Product Bundles plugin you will need to insert content using the alternate method.

Here is some pay per view content - you purchased it so now you can see it.